Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Joyfully?

How joyfully would I clean up the spilled milk, how gladly would I read one more book, how patiently would I wait on my little ones to find their shoes when we're late for church, how gently would I correct my sons, how selflessly would I rejoice at my friend's blessing, how kindly would I speak to my husband, how quickly would I forgive and forget when I am wronged...if Jesus were the spiller, the spouse, the child, the friend, the offender?

Of course for so many of us, Jesus seems easier to love.  He is perfect, after all.  But if we are to love one anther as God loves us, and if we are to do all things as unto the Lord, and if love is all of these above, then how miserably I fail at loving even Christ.  When I consider that I should love my family as if they were Christ, it is easier to serve and love them with a happy heart.  But how short I fall at loving even Christ.  I must submit my mind and heart to the truths that I must love and what love is anew each morning (and mid-morning, and afternoon, and 4:00).  I require perpetual, increasing grace and mercy just to walk worthy of my blessings, just to love Jesus.

Our family's adoption process has been more a spiritual journey for me thus far than anything else (i.e., no updates for now).  While the day when we will bring home our little one seems very far off, the reality of how and why we love her already has done a work on my heart.  Total obedience to the whole counsel of the Bible is required, not simply those I'm excited about.  I've long considered my position as mother and wife and homemaker my mission field; that's not a novel idea for evangelical families.  But the requirements for a job well done and how long it is taking me to grow into the role amaze me still.  Loving simply is not easy.

So I hope for a moment to encourage mothers to consider your little spillers, dawdlers, offenders, friends and even spouses as Christ in your kitchen.  Recall what love is (hide it in your heart if you haven't already).  Hold your heart up to the light of scripture, and conform to it.  And remember that you are loved by love's Author, who is love and who loves you perfectly even though He knows how you love.

Thanks for coming back.



  1. Katie:
    I really needed to read this this morning! Through your growing - others are growing too - I appreciate you, your faithfulness, and all that you stand for. Thanks for being obedient to God and through Him helping some of the rest of us that need it too! :)

  2. Thanks, Emily, I'm so glad I could encourage you. That's exactly what I want to do here.