Monday, November 15, 2010

Practical Providence

Our God cares about one child.  About one family.  Here's one encouraging story from one family adopting one little girl.  Our God does provide.  We come to Him with impossible, unreasonable requests, and He happily provides for his children whom He loves.  In ways that we should, but dare not, expect.

This past weekend, we saw families in our church come together to support this family with their adoption fundraiser, a massive, well-attended yard sale.  Although our efforts to help another family raise adoption funds with a yard sale the weekend before were washed out, all of our collecting over the recent weeks was not for nothing.  The rain last weekend meant that blessings rained down for the Youngs this weekend.  Pretty amazing.

Thanks for coming back.


  1. Loved the link about the church supporting the family adopting the little girl! :) Had a great time visiting with you yesterday!

  2. Loved the story about the church! Sweet! Excited to hear about the amazing yard sale too! God is good!

    Hugs to you!